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About Alpha Cycles


Alpha Cycles sets the standard as your premier boutique destination for meticulously curated pre-owned motorcycles. Our primary objective is to redefine the motorcycle acquisition experience, placing emphasis on customer service, comfort, and the creation of a truly enjoyable relationship and journey for our clients.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the industry and our opening our doors in February of 2020, we are attuned to the distinctive needs of our clientele. As avid motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, our dedication surpasses merely finding your perfect motorcycle – we are devoted to securing the most advantageous deal available in the market on your behalf. Utilizing an extensive network of lenders, we expertly navigate the optimal paths to transform your dream ride into a tangible reality. At Alpha Cycles, your contentment and the exhilaration of navigating the open road stand as our highest priorities.

A commitment to the perfect blend of value and quality is what sets us apart. Furthermore, each item in our inventory comes with a warranty, ensuring that you enjoy the peace of mind you rightfully deserve.

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Yes, financing is available. We understand that making a significant purchase involves careful financial planning. That’s why we offer flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you not just with a bike but with peace of mind. Enjoy the freedom of the open road with confidence, knowing that our financing options are designed to make your motorcycle ownership experience seamless and stress-free. Discover the perfect ride and let us handle the financial details, ensuring you can focus on the joy of the journey.

Absolutely, we welcome both trade-ins and consignments at Alpha Cycles. If you have a motorcycle you’d like to trade in, our team will assess its value to offer you a fair deal towards your new purchase. Alternatively, if you prefer consignment, we can help you showcase and sell your motorcycle, taking care of the entire selling process on your behalf. For more details on either option, please get in touch with our team. We’re here to make your pre-owned motorcycle experience as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Yes! We provide a standard 90-day Powertrain Warranty covering Engine and Transmission. For peace of mind, we offer extended warranties at an additional cost through a trusted company. These extended warranty options ensure a comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the initial period, offering you extra protection for your investment. It is also possible to finance the additional cost with our banks.

YES! Courtesy delivery of pre-owned motorcycles to Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties are available for scheduling. For customers residing outside our immediate area, we facilitate a secure and reliable shipping process for through our trusted network of shippers. Alternatively, if you wish to explore shipping options you may also do so on your end. Your convenience and peace of mind remain our top priorities.